Natural Handcrafted Furniture & Home Decoration

Mardi Decor is a Thailand-based furnishings and home accessories company with a mission to produce handcrafted, high-quality design furniture, with an eye for aesthetics and functionality.

Originating from love and passion, our rattan furniture boasts high durability, exceptional versatility, and beautifully designed furnishings. Using only the best rattan in the world sourced from Indonesia, each piece is carefully selected and produced by our skilled craftsmen with over 30 years of experience.

At Mardi Decor, we continually strive for excellence in creating and sourcing pieces that move with you and are meant to last over a lifetime.

A Southeast Asian climbing palm, rattan is an extraordinary plant. Over 60 species grow throughout the rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia, and The Philippines. Sustainable because it’s so fast growing, rattan is strong, durable, and extremely versatile. When steamed or soaked, the dense inner core of the Rattan becomes malleable and easy to manipulate, allowing the craftsman to create designs and shapes limited only by their imagination.

The advantages of Rattan wood are numerous in our hot climate - a resistance to pests, and the ability to not warp or crack in conditions of extreme heat or humidity.

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